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One thought on “thankyou

  • Thank you for respin-mint_1.1.0; it produces a fine Backup of my Mint 17.3 system. And it waits at the mdm prompt for me to enter my username and password. However, it has me already logged in under my username in the virtual consoles which gives me (and anybody who’s interested) six back doors into the system.

    When asked to produce a ‘Dist’ version, it produces a Live CD with any username I choose and follows the example of the original disk by assigning an empty password. But the modified mdm does not recognise the empty password! However, all is not lost because I can assign a password using one of the virtual consoles which are already open to my username.

    This happens on both my Desktop and my Laptop.

    That said, I repeat that I do enjoy using Respin!

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