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  • Thank you for respin-mint_1.1.0; it produces a fine Backup of my Mint 17.3 system. And it waits at the mdm prompt for me to enter my username and password. However, it has me already logged in under my username in the virtual consoles which gives me (and anybody who’s interested) six back doors into the system.

    When asked to produce a ‘Dist’ version, it produces a Live CD with any username I choose and follows the example of the original disk by assigning an empty password. But the modified mdm does not recognise the empty password! However, all is not lost because I can assign a password using one of the virtual consoles which are already open to my username.

    This happens on both my Desktop and my Laptop.

    That said, I repeat that I do enjoy using Respin!

  • Hello Marcia,

    Sadly i can´t say respin is the best, but maybe you can help me with that.

    If there is another platform to ask this question, let me know.

    I am trying to build a dirstro (sudo respin dist cdfs). I also tried without cdfs. In both cases i see a message :

    cannot read /lib/live/config/1100-policykit File or Folder does not excist.

    I am using Sparkylinux xfce stable

    Let me know if you need more info to answer my question.

    Thanks in advance,


    • I am so sorry I missed these comments!
      So, if you first respin dist cdfs… then after that is completed, use the respin custom.iso option – this could work for you.
      I have heard of sparky but I’m not sure – is it debian based?

  • Thanks for continuing to make Linux remasters!

    Just a question about what I found in the documentation:

    “Nvidia and ATI proprietary drivers are disabled at the kernel level by ubuntu’s casper scripts – no workaround”

    Does this mean that if I have an ATI video card, I CAN’T make a custom version of my favourite GNU/Linux distribution, or does video quality just degrade?

      • Ok, that wasn’t a good answer. But i was somewhat fulfilled. 🙂 So, if you want to enable the proprietary drivers and load the module into the kernel, it could work to make your custom version.
        If you get it to work – ping us in slack or signal or something. Dude. seriously. We recently found our QA guy… let’s put him back to work.

  • Respin installation.
    I have pulled over the file from github. There is a respin-2.0-1.deb file that I executed and it downloaded 11 packages that it needed. After that there is no indication that respin is actually installed.
    Simple commands like respin –help returns “respin not found”.

    In addition I could not see any instructions on how to make a backup.iso or a respin once it is installed. Can you point me to any additional information? Regards Ian.

    • Hi. Did you check? Debian?
      dpkg –get-selections
      to output to a file
      dpkg –get-selections > outfile

      I just tested the Ubuntu one and it works. Typing respin in the CLI will initiate the cli version. The GUI version is found in the menu.Can you tell me which base you are using?

  • Thanks for making a GNU/Linux backup program for my favourite GNU/Linux distribution.

    I do have one problem, a big problem at that: when I installed the latest DEB package, I can’t access the program by command prompt.

    After installing the program through the .DEB, the shell cannot recognise the syntax and it disregarded it.

    Is there something I should do?

    • Disregard that last comment.

      I had to dig deep through the bowels of the Linux Mint files, namely the CONTENTS directory.

      Sorry to bother you. Keep up the good work! We’re counting on you!

      • Really touched by this. Thank you. Sometimes, when I see things going on in our community, I wonder if I ever had done anything useful. Thank you so much. You don’t know what that means to me. I am moving to Devuan, but thanks to your comment, I will continue to support Debian for a while longer!
        I’m leaving because of the CoC enforcement stuff.
        hannibal ad portas!

        I’ll give Debian a little extra time now. 🙂

  • First attempt worked pretty well, except I can’t login when I boot the iso. I don’t recall being asked for a login to use. I tried the accounts I created, but none worked.

    Is there a default login for the live cd?

    I first created the cdfs, then the custom dist iso.

    • did you select no login? or … It’s been awhile. I’m updating to buster.
      Let me check with the QA team on this behavior as well.

  • Oh yeah, forgot to mention I support your stand on the CoC, What the lawyers and corps are doing to kill freedom and individual expression / creativity must be resisted. It is the only thing that will save the software industry from grinding to a snails pace.

    Will be looking out for you on Devuan.

  • Need more info on how to config. Saw comment to be careful about default groups causing inability to create user, but I left as default. dummysys/etc/passwd has no users to login (live, ipfs).

  • Sorry for all these comments. Not sure if you’re even still around to see them.

    I figured out a few things by looking at the respin script in /usr/bin, and found the conf file in /etc/respin. Although I’m a very experienced Linux user for decades, I can’t yet figure out how you create users in the installed system. I figured out how to install: user=live pw=live. Can’t login on installed system tho, not even with root.

    I started with debian stretch 9.8, installed with net-installer, no X, console only. Hope you’ll post here again, if only to let us all know how to reach you at devuan.

    Take care sir, your work is very appreciated, as is your stand on principles!

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