5 thoughts on “Demo – create a live iso and/or a distro install iso with respin

  • Hi! i create a backup ISO, and everything i’ts fine, except the autologin, but this i’ts not the real trowble. The ask is.. there is a Installer? cant’t find how to install my backup…

  • So, here’s the question. Did you create an iso using:
    respin backup custom.iso

    if so, then burn the iso to a USB, SD or even CD/DVD and boot from that device. Currently working on BLAZE as a burner – then the plan is integrate – … create isofs, burn isofs

    • Is this for a Debian Image or Ubuntu?

      The following is a proprietary method – we do not encourage proprietary tools/apps/utilities and are working on a non proprietary solution – this conversation could open options for a NON proprietary solution while we develop a solution.

      —- User Input on pushing over 4 gb —- Warning: Proprietary
      First I installed respin on a fresh installation of debian and run respin backup .
      Since the OS is thin respin will have no problem creating a custom-live.iso under /home/respin/respin
      Next i’d customize the OS with VM and shit and run respin backup again –
      respin will have no problem creating all the necessary files under /home/respin/respin/ISOTMP/ including the prized heavy squashfs, but will fail when trying to create the custom-live.iso file since the files are too heavy…
      After this i’ll copy the thin custom-live.iso file and the thicc /home/respin/respin/ISOTMP/ directory unto a flashdrive and

      — proprietary portion —-

      boot a windows machine (preferably winPE so i wont need to install a windows OS on my machine… ughh…). On the windows OS i’ll use a software named ULTRAISO, this software can open and edit iso files. I’ll open my thin custom-live.iso with ULTRAISO and copy and replace all of the content from the ISOTMP copy into the opened ISO file, then save it and voila

      all the files are in /home/respin/respin
      custom-live.iso exists
      run respin backup again

      ISO9660 version for larger than 4gb attempted – did not work
      iso is desired as universal – limit of 4gb in previous standard –

      COPY the custom-live.iso in /home/respin/respin/ISOTMP/ to a flash drive
      Find software to edit and open iso files.
      Open custom-live.iso and copy and replace the contents from ISOTMP into the opened iso… save

      Tried k3b – no go.

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