Testing RC

respin (4.0.0-2) unstable; urgency=low
* 4.0.0-2
* fixed typo in respin
* updated changes
* formatting of examples

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6 thoughts on “4.0.0-2

    • Hi. Are you installing for Debian? 4.0.0-2 is a Debian base version.
      I tested this after receiving your message and 4.0.0-2 works on Stretch 9.6.

      Was it Debian?

    • yes. However, moving to Devuan. Still will support Debian for a while. The problem wasn’t just systemd. The real problem was the push to enforce the code of conduct by koolaid hair… seriously… stop drinking the koolaid. I’m blue but not like that piece of work. I’m against this CoC censorship and witch hunt.

  • Hi – just wanted to thank you for this great program – works very nicely, I have created a custom USB of my Debian Stretch KDE installation (distribution only), and works like a charm.
    Just wanted to offer a tip for some who may have had trouble getting their USB to boot – you must have the IsoLinux and SysLinux installed – BEFORE creating your ISO.

    # sudo apt-get install syslinux isolinux syslinux-utils syslinux-efi

    Once you do this, the ISO created by respin will be bootable after installing to a USB flash drive.

    • Hi Shaun,
      Thanks! Moving to Devuan but will still support the Debian respin – for awhile .
      We want to offer an iso burn tool – next sprint starts in 1 week.

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