Trademark threat – October 2018

Last week, respin received a verbal trademark threat from the previously appointed Project Manager from 2014. Per Debian code, we let this “lead” go as we were constantly reminded Don didn’t even know the difference between a GUI and CLI among other things. We voted him as Project Manager because he had regurgitated enough content to seem reliable. We knew we had made a mistake when we realized he was taking “advice” from an anonymous source, that turned out to be a guy named Paul, and he and another developer didn’t want to release the code because Don had all intentions of selling it. During a heated meeting when I informed the other developer that 1. we were releasing the code and 2. his services and Don’s were no longer needed, tensions were high.
That was 4 years ago.

We all have kept in touch and I was at dinner with Don and his wife, Tammee. He was discussing Paul, and he said, “you know, that guy who was helping with the project”. And I retorted with something to the effect of, “you mean that guy who was in the shadows of my project!”

Then Don indicated he could “take the project away from” me.

Tammee was like, “Don, guys… ” like we should stop.

I said, “No… I want to hear how YOU are going to take respin from me!”

Don said, “Trademark. Bet  you didn’t think of that.”
I said (to the effect of), “… with all that I know about trademark, all the people I know in trademark law – Go ahead.  Go ahead. Go ahead and try!”

The thing is, I understand when trademark is an issue – when it is a real issue. This is some disgruntled former member of the team just out to hurt the project. We may just change the name, in spite of it all because it is seriously ridiculous to face a trademark threat based on … well spite, hate, anger or malice. It’s unfortunate this happened. However, I wanted to share this information with our users. Stay Tuned!

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